AZ Adventure: Day 3

So on Saturday we actually went on a family hike up at Usery Pass.

I was hoping you could read the bill board. I thought it was funny but it say "End of your search for a friendly church" to me it sounded kinda cheesy and sugesting that the Gospel Light Baptist Church was the only friendly church.

This is a mountain that we past which was pointing to Phoenix nothing too exciting but it looks official!

This is the mountain that we hiked around and up. I was a good hike nothing like spending the day with family on a hike.

Not really my favorite picture of me but this blog isn't really about me. Ha who am I kidding?! Of course it is! Gage is in the back seat.

Crew wanted me to take a picture of him. Silly kid!!!

Look at all the Swarrow cactus. It was actually really pretty but don't get me wrong the desert is quite intimidating with all the poky plants! We also saw a lot of Jumping Cacti and Prickly Pear Cacti.

It's not what it looks like, Gage WANTED to be in the picture with me! He is such crazy and funny kid!!!

This just cracked me up too! This isn't doesn't look anything close to what a National Forest looks like further up north.

Me and the Belnap Clan besides Natalie. Of couse she always has to be the one taking the pictures!

I love my family and the time we get to spend together!

I don't mean to hurt anyones feeling but these are my favorite cousins, Kortney and Ryker! Kortney is my cousin on my Schroeder side and Ryker is my cousin on my Bingham side. Did you know at one point they were actually dating! It was hard for me to get through my head that they weren't related to each other. I sure do love these guys.
So we finished our evening off with a bon fire with s'mores and hot chocolate even though it really wasn't cold I still had a blast!

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  1. I secretly have favorite cousins too. Sounds like fun!