AZ Adventure: Day 2

Well we actually started our day off at....

We had to make sure that we got there early so we can make a mad dash when the doors opened. 
We were on a secret mission to find some pretty sweet shoes for Lizzie!

We were looking for Tom's which are the most comfortable shoes in the world and I actually ended up having to grab a pair of my own. 
By the way that is Giant Barbie Pez dispenser that Natalie got for my brother Trev!

By the time we finish shopping at Last Chance, we were starving! We didn't actually go to Pete's Fish & Chips but we went to Pirate's Fish & Chips which is the same. It sure was delicious too! I just had to take a picture of Pete's because this is the place we would eat a lot when I was a kid!

 This is the 60 and its 6 lanes wide and sometimes even 7 and on Tuesday I drove on it. I was so much fun and it was quite a rush compared to what we normally experience up here in Eastern Idaho. Oh and The yellow lights at the intersections are are like 3 seconds longer in AZ.

 Haylee stole my camera and took a picture of her and Jetta!

 This is an Arizona sunset from inside the car on a the 60! 
Isn't it beautiful?

 Natalie and I also took Haylee to her volleyball practice! She was doing such a good job!

 And this is my nephew Crew, he is 6 years old and climbing up a pipe onto the Mesa High Building! Crazy kid. Natalie didn't even know until he was pretty much on top of the building. Boy was she freaking out. She had good reason to after all it was a tall building!

 This is me in front of the house I once called home! It was sad to see it because i just didn't look like my home anymore but I love where I live now even more. If you see to the left of me is a big boulder, I use to sit on that rock a sing my little heart out with I was a wee lil' lad! Before I came to my old house I visited my best buddy's family for a little. It was sure good to see them! My best buddy is actually up here in Idaho serving his mission and I have ran into him twice already and let's just say it wasn't by accident. I will actually get to see him again on Thursday and have dinner with him because my Aunt Becky is living up in Rigby where he is serving and she invited him over for dinner. I am super excited!

 These handcuffs were actually in my brother-in-law's buddy's car and a murderer was actually in these handcuffs. Isn't that scary to think that someone who thinks that they could just take another person's life was in these! To me it's crazy to even believe someone could do that!

And we finished out our night with some Little Caesar's Hot and Ready crazy crust pizza! 
So good!
It sure was a great day!

I got my own pair of TOM'S!


  1. Colt45!!!! I freakin love you!!!! HOLLA FOR TOMS!

  2. Colt45!!!! I freakin love you!!!! HOLLA FOR TOMS!

  3. Haha natalie I love you too!!!
    You should know it, you're the one that made it up, That was pretty funny You made me sound super snotty! hshs