AZ Adventure: Day 1

My Trip to Arizona was one that was long over due and very much need. I need to or else I really really wanted to see my family down in the south before I left for Argentina for 2 years! I had such a great time! Thanks to Nat and Jerm for everything!

(Me and Jetta)
When I first got there Natalie took me to Paradise Bakery for lunch and it was delicious.

I know this might be a little gross but Natalie loves popping mine and Trev's backs. And once we got to her house she was getting a little anxious. It was quite painful!

This is the bed they fixed for me. Juicy Couture pillow case is how I rolled this weekend. This was Jetta's room that she was so kind to let me sleep in.

"Absolutely FABULOUS" are the first words I read every morning. Haha! Oh and did I mention that PINK is totally my favorite color. . . . NOT!!!

 (Haylee my beautiful 13 yr old niece)
They are both just so pretty!
The rest of the night I just hung out with the rest of my family.But I was really enjoying the warm weather while I was down there.

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