Happy New Years!

I had one of the best Christmas presents and New Years this year. Shaylee and her family came and visited us over New years weekend. Every time I'm with the Hatch family I feel like nothing could ever be better. I was really glad they got to come. We go to do a lot of fun things I hope to see them soon! Hopefully next month.

This is me and Shaylee on the snowmoble at the Blatter Farm. It was a lot of fun and I hope that you got that I was on the front and shaylee was on the back.
Me and Shaylee getting out pictures taken.

Me and Shaylee being our normal selves. Shaylee's little brother went with us and we let him jump in ome of them. We always to the mall every time we see each other to get out pictures taken in those box thingies. Oh man gotta love tradition.

This is a picture of Shaylee's family (my in-laws) and me standing in someone else front yeard next to their snowman. haha. Just kidding I wish they were. I really love this family. They are a lot of fun to be around and they know how to make me feel like I am belong.

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