Asking and Answering


On Friday last week I asked Shaleen Richardson to Homecoming! It was so hilarious of course because I was given the idea from my sister Lizzie. Okay so I was walking up to her front door with my grocery bag on one arm. I knocked on the door and her sisters boyfriend answered the door and I asked for Shaleen and he says, "Yeah let me get her." So he yells for her and he says. "Shaleen there is a boy here for you and about a minute and half or two minutes past with me still standing just outside the doorway. And she finally comes to the door. Then I start off by saying, "Shaleen I know this sounds CORNY," and I had her a ear of corn from my grocery bag, " But I SODA want to go to the dance with you!" So i pulled out a can of soda (root beer). Then I told her her, " I know we will make a great PEAR. So LETTUCE go to the dance!" And as you could probably guess I pulled out a pear and a head of lettuce. My final words to her were, " ORANGE you glad I asked ya?" Then I ran away. She was laughing hysterically the whole time.


A few hours ago Shaleen finally answered me back and it felt like the longest time. I heard a the door bell so I went to go answer it so and guess what? They were dig dong door bell ditchers. Then all of a sudden I say a trail of candy.

Then it this wonderful trail of Almond Joys, Snickers, Reeses Fast Breaks and Baby Ruths led me to these to little posters.

The first one says, "BABY you made me SNICKER when you asked me to the dance it brought me great JOY. So I'll say this FAST. I'm a SMARTIE. SO..."

Then the other little poster was:

Then then it told me to turn it over so....I DID! And the back of it said....

I am now OFFICIALLY going to 2009 Homecoming!

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  1. Awhh thats such a cutee idea:) hahahah:) OHH COLTON your lucky! i cant wait till i can go next year:)