My Baby, My Talenator!

Hey, didn't you hear? I have a baby! His name is Talen. Ha ha yeah I have been taking a child development class. I'm not quite sure I really know what I'm getting myself into with this class but we'll sure find out. Oh man he sure is a handful and he cried so much, but he was growing on me.
I had to give him up today. It has been a rough day, I don't really think people understand except for Meghan S. we never really talked to each other until we both in the class together. We both had it this weekend and think we are suffering from postpartum depression. It is kind of sad.
This is the one of the last pictures I took of him before I had to take him back.
This is the very first day we got our crying machines. My baby is on the Left and Meghan's is on the Right. Good Times.
Now you can't say you don't love this face.
Taking care of this baby was kind of hard when it started screaming you had to figure out if you need to feed it, burp it, rock it, or change it. I was pro at rocking it and we didn't have a rocking chair so I got quite the ab workout.
My Mom and Haylee needed to run into Target so I decided to stay hidden in the car and save the humiliation.
This is me at 3:27 in the morning, and yes I had to wake up in the middle of the night and take care of my little Talenator. I know its not my favorite picture. But I knew that if I took a picture I would be able to post it.


  1. Aww Talen's a cutie! Haha it sounds like you did an amazing job in watching him! :) You are very good with kids thats a good quality hahaha i'll send you pics of my baby when i get mine it won't be until next semester but hey i'm pretty excited well not so excited to wake up in the middle of the night but hey it all works! :)

  2. haha i picked out Talen's name well we both did so when i get my baby you have to help me come up with a name!

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  4. hahaha! You crack me up! I'm so sorry you had to give your baby up but just think now you can sleep ALL through the night! I must say that was pretty funny when you showed up at the park w/ it on sunday! Love ya!!!!!

  5. Wow!! i loved all the pictures. it reminded me of all the many good times i had with my baby. I too took a picture at night when i had to wake up with her just to show some proof that i actually did wake up with it to some of my non believing friends. haha I loved to close up picture too. that one made me laugh just a little. ;)ah man the good times, loved them! The rest of that class is a lot of fun, let me tell ya. ~Lexie

  6. Aww Colton it looks just like you! Hahah! Love the picture of you at three in the morning! You look good after you just woke up, me.. not so much Hahaha! My cousins are living with us for a few months and they have a 5 month old and i take care of him some times so i have a real baby and he is a handful! Thats cool that you did that class know you know you are going to good with kids that good!