Cowboy Colt

I first got this idea of dressin' up like a cowboy when Shaylee had to go and sing Rylee to sleep and she told me she would call me back in 2 minutes. And in that 2 minutes I was pretty bored and the idea just hit me. I know, I admit I'm a dork. Do you think that I look good enough to be a cowboy as a career? My mom say that its just not like me.


  1. HEY Cowboy Colt! (im pretty sure i came up with that name!) This picture makes me laugh i wont lie! You are a dork but that's okay i still love ya! Haha I think you could make a pretty good cowboy! :)

  2. Colton!!!!!!
    You suree doo look good in your cowboy outfit:)) Hahaha I LOVE you colton♥