Elder Trevor John Schroeder

Hey Trev this one is for you, Big Bro. Man I am so proud of you. Your a great kid, I love you, look up to you and want to be just like you. I remember you had me take this picture of you because you needed one so you can send your papers. Trevor, I really know you'll do great serving in Jacksonville, Florida. It was Saturday 20th that we got his papers and found out where he was going. I remember it was about 11:30 that morning when the doorbell rang and I was thinking to myself who could that be, but it didn't hit me that it was the mail lady with Trevor's papers. I answered the door and sure enough it was her. It was cool to have the mail lady come to our house and hand deliver it herself and say, " I think that you will want this." I think that it was cool that she when out of her way to bring it to us as soon as she saw it and knowing that we have been waiting for Trev's papers. I felt special to be the one who answered the door and got to be the first one to really hold it and say, "Hey mom his papers are here!" Trevor again I'm proud of you and you will be a great missionary. Oh yeah I forgot to mention he is leaving December 3rd to the MTC.


  1. Trevor is going to be an AMAZING missionary!!! :) Congrats!

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