Asked to the DANCE

Yeah this stud up above got asked to his first dance. Its a girl's choice dance and I'm pretty psyched to go. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. The way she asked me was, "Don't be a silly mess, Come to the dance with Jess!" And then she sprayed silly string all over my room. Silly string isn't the easiest to scrape off the walls and now I have a pink spot on my ceiling but that doesn't bother me. Most of all my poor Nemo got it bad and it was hard to scrape off. Asking her back I wasn't sure what to do so I went to my older sisters first(Natalie & Lizzie). Natalie actually came up with a pretty good way and on the poster it said, " Jess, Jess, of course I'll say yes, but first you need to clean up your silly mess and Natalie, Liz and me sprayed her room 2x as much. It was pretty fun.


  1. haha! Good times! Man, I hope it didn't stain her cute bed spread?! haha... Did you forget to mention to her that it was behind all her furniture too? We're just a bunch of rebels, I love it! Good times!

  2. Ha ha it looks like she got you good! But I bet you three got her WAY good! Aw is that the Nemo we got from the 4th of July parade lol anyways! I'm glad you're excited to go to girls choice!!! You'll have TONS of fun!!! :D