How are you all doing? I am doing good. A little disappointed because I was writing and some how I deleted everything that I had written. So I just want you all to know now this just might be shorter. Pero I just want you to know in no time I will be home and so this week I am going to be focusing in the work this week like crazy. And really we have a lot of work to do.

Actually, we had a miracle happen and we are going to have a baptism this week! Our investigator Carla is going to be baptized. I don´t really have time to explain the whole story so I will have to tell you about it when I get home. But this week we were teaching her and she was having doubts about being baptized so we told her her just needs to keep praying and then we pasted the next day and we were thinking about dropping her but during the lesson we explained our purpose as missionaries that we are here to help people be baptized and then she told us that she had a dream. And in this dream she was baptized and she said that she wanted to be baptized in a week and a half or in other words the 22 of Feb. It was really cool. So we are planning a baptism this week!!!

This week we had an activity that we put together and it was a lot of fun we were pretty sad that Carla couldn´t come because she was sick but she said that she would come to church even is she wasn´t feeling good. So we were happy that she was able to come to church. But an investigator of the other elderes one the pie contest. It was a lot of fun with all the game and everything. But anyways, I am just enjoying every moment. and I am doing my best to keep Liz´s advice and Take a lot of pictures. Hhaha!

Well I got to go. I miss you all so much! I hope that you all HAVE A BLESSED WEEK NOW! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,

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