So I´ll tell you what´s up but first I always have to ask. How are y´all doing? I miss you y´all to pieces. Bueno! I am doing good the work is good but this last week it seemed to have slowed just a little just because it was a weird week. The sun is really killer here. Because we keep getting sick ok well my companion and since we are together 24/7 my problems are his. Haha! But really he is doing better. 

Alright so on Tuesday we had divisions again and I went to Bahía Blanca with Elder Villagra(zone leader and he is from Argentina) and it was quite the experience. Haha. So contacted this lady and we taught her. So she has two little boys and sadly she called one of her little boys the devil child. So we are sitting outside and her children are running around the house and going crazy. but this little boy who is like 2 or 3 he he keeps pounding on my back during the lesson. I didn't really think anything of it and then later he comes running about the corner and pokes my face and then jabs me in the eye. And his poor mother is just so embarrassed. Then he sprays a little with the hoes. Then at the end he pulls down his underwear and starts going number one and two and his poor mom runs over and Elder Villagra had to tell the other brother to run and grab some toilet paper. She has her hands full. 
  Then the next day we had to plan a game for the primary activity and do a spiritual thought. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. But they had a water balloon fight. But it was a lot of fun to watch them. I think that Argentine kids are a little more wild but I sure do love them. Oh and then Elder Villagra thought that he left the phone at home and so we went back to the house and it turns out that he lost it in the taxi that took us to the activity. And then later that day we passed by a slater house and I didn´t know what it was but I could just smell something horrid. He then explained what it was and then we walking and I saw this huge truck with a trailer full of cows just about to face their death. It was horrible. And then after we a lesson we had we were suppose to meet my companion in Punta Alta. And so we were waiting for the bus but it never passed by and we waited for an hour and a half and its suppose to pass by every half hour. So I we stayed another night because it was late and we met up with them the next morning (Thursday).

Then on Friday we had a Family Home Evening for the ward and our investigators some we had two investigators show up so that was really good and then some members and it was a lot of fun we played a game and had refreshments at the end. Then on Saturday then we had divisions again with the elders that we live with that are part of out district and it was good. I spent the day with Elder Riveros(he is from Paraquay). He is an interesting guy but I sure to love him. And I learned something while I was on divisions with those two latinos. I feel more comfortable just speaking spanish and less self conscious about it and I talk a lot better like its natural. And then on Sunday Elder Searle was sick. So it was a weird week.

So one Elder that I live with has the ensign of the last General Conference and so I have been reading it for the first time and I cant believe what I missed out on. I was so so good and I cant wait to for this general conference in April. Its like waiting for Christmas. And when the next ensign for may comes out do you mind sending it to me when you send something. I would love that. Haha oh and something random but a family that we recently reactivated the other day when we were over there she was laughing at me because I was the only one of my siblings that has never been married. But I did find it funny. Haha.

Well I am doing good and I am ready to work hard this week and I am so glad to hear you are all doing so well. I cant wait to hear from y´all next week. I love you all and miss you. You are always in my prayers. Have a Blessed Week now!

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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