So this last weekend, I skipped out on Trev and Amanda's Open House (sorry guys but thanks for understanding) to go visit my best friends...

... Jordon, Briggs, and of course Lisa!

This is our picture of us at my first BYU basketball game and luckily we made it to the last game of the season! It was nice to be able to sit and chat and watch the game with great friends.

 Karen, Karen, Lisa and I went and explored the BYU campus. They showed me the STRAIRS!

This was the only snow we found on campus and we decided what they hay lets take a picture on it!

Trust me not so comfortable but I did find it amusing to sit and slide on!

We had to get a picture with the Y. Can you see it on the mountain behind us and to the right.?
Cool! Huh?!

Guess who I saw doing Chemistry homework at the library? Megan Soelberg! It was such a nice surprise! I didn't want to pull her away from her work or else it would have been nice to visit a little longer.

Then we found the Book Store where they sell some pretty darn good FUDGE!!!

How can you not get a picture with the Native American?

Yes, Lisa is crying over my crying because my stay was coming to an end. Haha! I kid. No we were playing a game and she lost so she had to eat the nasty sweetener in the pink pack. Trust me it's disgusting! Trust me, I know, I lost too!

They always look like that! But I still love them. Haha! I kid again. They are two pretty amazing young women!

Jordon and I pulling faces too!

I find this picture quite amusing! I loved spending the weekend with my best friends! Too bad it went by so fast!

Special thanks to Karen Nebeker for taking me down there! I means so much! I enjoyed going to the Salt Lake Temple with you! THANK YOU!

Then I came home to a gift back with beautiful journal from Trev and Amanda! I couldn't help but to show it off! Thank you guys so much! It's perfect!!!


  1. This was a very fun weekend. and that is a super nice journal, make sure to use it!!:)

  2. Awe Colton! I miss you! You're so great! Thanks for the best friend I could have ever asked for! You have helped and taught me so much the past few years I have known you! I love you!