Fun Weekend in SLC!!!

 For those of you know It was my Trev and Amanda's wedding this weekend and it was a great weekend!

They were sealed together for all time and eternity and it was the most beautiful wedding I have ever witnessed!

Don't these two young people look so good together? I think they look perfect together. I love you guys and congratulations!!!

Lisa was attempting to pin my flower in my vest but I guess she didn't do it good enough because one of Amanda's brides maid fixed it. I thought she did a great job though!

Lisa and Jordon were awesome to come and visit and hang out with me at the reception! They are some of my best friends! I am glad I got to spend sometime with them while I was down there! Thanks Guys you're the best!!!

So once I got home from the Salt Lake I had a package from my best friend, Crystal, and a letter from my good friend, Elder Decker, waiting for me in the middle of the living room! It sure was a great surprise!

Crystal got me a Pillow Pet Kangaroo and it cam with a baby kangaroo the size of my hand. The big one's name is Betsy and she is mine and the little one's name is Meeco and he is Crystals. Funny thing is Betsy actually has a pouch! I love it Crystal! Thank you so much!!!

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  1. Colt! That looks like a fabulous weekend. I'm so glad you were able to come in! It was the best day of my life thus far. Love you!