AZ Adventure: Day 6

On Tuesday, I went to the Phoenix Zoo with my sisters Natalie and Kara, my cousins Kortney and Kylie, and my nieces Jetta and Braelyn!

We got here and I knew it was going to be a great day! My Dream car the Honda Odyssey!!!

If you didn't know monkeys are some of my favorite animals. I just find them so cute and I would love to be able to climb in the trees!

This is my tiger. Okay not really but he is the my high school's mascot! We think he was really hungry because he kept moaning and checking all the doors. I would hate to be in his cage!
The Giraffes, I love these animals! I find them so pretty!

I know this is gross and I'm getting ready to go on my mission but this was the big highlight of my zoo adventure.... two tortoises doing it! I felt so bad for the girl because it sounded like he totally cracked her shell. She was like trying to get away from him but she had like no choice. I felt so bad for her and by the way tortoises sound like cows!!!
Then that evening we went to my Uncle Justin's surprise birthday party! It was fun we went on a short hike at Usery Park again. It was really nice to see all of them again!

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  1. Bahahaha you make me laugh.

    1. That photo of the giraffes is way pretty. Good work.

    2. The highlight of your trip made me crack up! Hopefully her shell didn't crack. ;)

    3. Thanks for your kind words on my blog! I'm stoked for you to be my brother and a part of your family. Love you guys tons!