Huntsman's cabin

Oh man this is pretty cool I think. It might sound dumb but at the huntsman's cabin they have a hummingbird feeder. And if you hold really still and put your finger next to the feeder they would just sit on your finger and drink the sugar water. That's it for the feeder but its just neat to have a little bird sit there on you finger. It's like the fairy tales.
Palisades Lake is just on the other side of the rode from Huntsman's cabin and we went to the lake on Saturday, it was awesome. The sad thing is that I hadn't been to the lake for about 3 years now. We wanted to swim before we actually got on the boat so we swam and the water felt great. To think we have a lake so close and have the lake water being a lot cleaner then some of the lakes I swam in before. Tubing was the funnest thing we have done at the lake.

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  1. Hi COLT!! The hummingbird thing is pretty cool! My girls want to go to idaho to have the humming bird sit on their fingers too! Ha ha!! Hope school goes well! High school is what you make of it!!
    Love you and miss you guys!!