The Girl

It was early on
In my elementary.
We were somewhere around
the age of eight.
The girl I like told me
She was moving out of state.
I knew one day I wanted
To take her on that date.
Now we are grown up
And live in the same state.
We talk on the phone
Even though it maybe late.
I'm still trying to take
Her on that Golden date.
I hope someday that
She will be my soul mate.


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  2. I loved that!!! It's way cute Oh and you are my favorite by the way shay told me about the whole dylan thign but you win =]

  3. Colton,
    You are my best friend in the entire world! I don't know what I'd do without you! You're the sweetest person ever and I loved that thank you! You're the BEST! I hope i do get to come visit you around Christmas time! Oh and to that last part i hope so too :)
    I love you Colt